Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Favorite

Though I don't count myself as a "foodie," I do enjoy taking pictures of the food I've eaten during my trips.  This week's Friday Favorite: vacation food!

Can you tell by the amount of pictures just how excited I was to be eating this?! Driving to the eastern coast of Oahu, you can find tons of shrimp "trucks" lined up along the road.  They aren't really trucks though, I'd say they were more like shacks. The best part about it was that there are shrimp ponds right behind the shacks where they fish their own shrimp and cook it on the spot! The rice they serve with the meal is drenched in garlic sauce, too, just like they like it in the Philippines ;) Wash it all down with some Hawaiian Sun, and you're good to go!

I can safely say that I have never missed food the way I miss and long for more Fumi's. One day... one day! I'll be back and I'll have more than one helping. :D

Happy weekend!

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