Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Favorite

Lucky you! You get a blog post AND a Friday Favorite! Hooray! This week's Friday Favorite: My favorite mode of summer transportation.

I've been on many different sized airplanes, but can only remember a handful of experiences up in the air that were very enjoyable.  It seems as if airline companies (some, not all) are cutting short their hospitality to their guests and focus mainly on getting everyone to their destination quickly and safely (which I guess isn't a bad thing). While it's definitely a plus getting from one place to another way faster, airplanes are not my [current] favorite mode of transportation.

Even if you don't know me well enough, you'd know that I love to travel to warmer climates and beach scenes.  This almost always requires me to be complaisant with traveling from island to island on boat. I'd have to say that I love the cool breeze of wind in my hair, but if I don't pop a Dramamine in my mouth before I venture off on boat, I'd most likely get dizzy one way or another.  Thus, fun way to travel, but not my favorite.

Which brings me to my favorite mode of transportation: Biking! Ok, ok, last summer, you would have never caught me saying that biking was my favorite. You wouldn't have even caught me saying that at the beginning of this summer.  I'm bad at biking. But I recently discovered that, if you make sure you have enough air in your tires (which I somehow failed to have last summer), you're good to go! Usually I choose to drive around with the windows down in the summer, but since high gas prices are unyielding, biking is just way more efficient.

So there ya have it! Get out there and bike, people! If I can do it, so can you ;)

Happy weekend,
Biker Kid

Mini Trip: Hershey, Scranton and Philly

Now that students are finally out of school, I've found a little more time to tell y'all about my trip to Pennsylvania. The main reason for the road trip was to attend a wedding in Scranton, so we decided to do a quick tour around of surrounding cities.

Hershey, PA:
First off on the list, Hershey World! Since we arrived in PA super early (thanks to the safe driving skills of Matt and his dad), we decided to make the Hershey World tour and explore their enormous store.  Simply put: the tour was short and geared towards kids and the candy/chocolate was plentiful and did not fail to have every Hershey creation available. Awesome.

Steamtown Museum:
Next up was a train museum in Scranton, PA. The museum was situated on an old steam-powered train station, where most of the inside area was dedicated to how the trains and the people who rode them looked back in the day. You could walk inside a few train cars, too, so you'd get to see how each car was set up depending on your class status.  Then, for a few extra dollars, they let you ride on a real steam-powered train! Pretty sweet deal if you're a kid and you like trains ;)

Philadelphia, PA:
After attending the wedding in Scranton, we drove two hours to Philly to tour around the city.  We quickly dropped our bags off at the hotel then made our way to one of the busiest intersections I saw: an intersection holding Geno's and Pat's Philly Cheese Steaks! If you're gonna visit this part of town, I'd suggest you go with a partner, so that you can get the opportunity to share a sandwich from each of these locations.  And, don't forget to get cheese whiz on your sandwich (aka, the money maker)! While I liked both sandwiches, I'm pretty sure my stomach agreed most with Pat's cheesesteak because it had an extra onion flavor on top of the cheese whiz. Yummm.

Next, we drove over to the historical area of Philly, where Independence Hall and other important buildings stood.  It all looked like a smaller, more colonial area of Washington, D.C.  I'll admit, I'm not the type of person to be completely under a spell of the magic that happened here back in 1776, but I was still amazed at how great of a job they did at maintaining some of these historic buildings! It felt odd in a way to be in Independence Hall, knowing that at some point in time, something great happened right where I stood. 

I forgot to mention that during our visit to Philly, the weather was an average of 90 DEGREES the entire two days! Considering that, it was amazing just how much we got done on our first day there.  So what's up next? I really wanted to see the "LOVE" Monument not too far away from Independence Hall, so we all hopped back in the car and drove on over.  To my disappointment, the monument ended up being a lot smaller than I imagined! What was pretty funny, though, is that there was a huge fountain behind it, and tons of people were swimming in the water - our first of many sightings of people attempting to cool themselves off.  Right across the street from the Love Monument was a nice surprise: "Your Move" Plaza, an area littered with over-sized board game pieces!

As if the day wasn't hot enough, we finished the day with a run up the "Rocky Stairs" to the Modern Art Museum. Not much to say here other than: we all "raced" up the stairs, got up there, it was super hot, came back down, and treated ourselves to Rocky Water Ice. Nice.

Our last big stop came the next day. Besides driving out to go outlet shopping (to make up for our late attempt at shopping in Mall of Prussia), we wanted to hike around an area we saw from the highway.  Philly is home to a really picturesque dam that is situated near a very cute looking boating area.  The heat continued to overpower us, though, so we didn't stay too long at this view point.

While I feel like there were probably a few things I missed out on seeing in Philly, I'm gonna say that two days was enough to accomplish lots, since most everything is near each other.  Still, a jam-packed 4 day weekend without a minute spared! A productive way to spend my Memorial Day weekend :)


Sunday, June 5, 2011


I was thrown right back into the grind after my mini trip to Pennsylvania, so my apologies for missing my Friday Favorites.  I'll make more time for my Penn update, but here are a few cool things I saw over my Memorial Day weekend:

 The "Your Move" Plaza in Philly

These little guys were sneaking around downtown Philly