Friday, May 27, 2011

Master Packer

Throughout the past few years, I have become very skilled at packing for trips thanks to lots of practice.  As Memorial Day weekend approaches (FINALLY!) and I find myself packing yet again for a new adventure to Pennsylvania, I thought I'd share with all of you some of my packing tips to keep your travels organized.

Though it usually doesn't look as neat on the way back home, having an organized luggage helps you keep track of what to bring along with you and what doesn't make the cut. Usually, the first thing I separate are the things that need to be with me on the plane from the things that can be checked in. Then, I separate certain sections for different parts of my luggage.
    • I always start with the clothes on the bottom layer of the luggage. 
    • Then, I use a flat, canvas bag to separate my clothes from the toiletries. I've become really good at this after I had a long trip to the Philippines and opened my luggage with the horror of travel-sized detergent seeping through my toiletries into my clothes section. Horrible.
    • Always put your toiletries facing upward in their bags, and then put their entire toiletry bag(s) facing upward as well. This will prevent anything that breaks open to seep as much as it could. Another tip is to go ahead and tape the cover of each liquid bottle to be extra safe.
    • I like to make sure that when I initially start packing, the expandable zipper is zipped up. That way, once I know I have everything I need, I can always expand to fit.
    • I keep gallon-sized zip lock bags in my luggage for the end of the trip. It helps to put anything that is still wet (bathing suits, towels, liquid bottles) in these bags so that nothing else gets wet.
Eventually, your luggage will be like a layered puzzle.

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