Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Favorite

With the long weekend ahead of me, I thought I'd share my favorite weekend trip: The Annual Cedar Point Adventure.

Since 2007, a group of my friends and I have always spent one weekend in the summer driving to Sandusky, Ohio, to visit Cedar Point. Not only is this my favorite weekend trip, it is also my favorite budget vacation. Because we all stay in one room, the cost of everything for the weekend usually only adds up to $150 a person! What a steal. The coasters here are definitely worth the drive, too. The Maverick, seen in the photo, is the only coaster in the Midwest that curves further than 90 degrees on it's first drop!

I suggest that if you plan a trip here, you take either an early summer trip or a late summer trip, to avoid the heat while waiting in long lines. Otherwise, you could also visit during the fall weekends, where they have their "Halloweekend" theme. Awesome!

Happy Friday, y'all! And have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend :)

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