Saturday, April 23, 2011

Libraries are for the Rainy Days

My real spring break began when I came home from Cancun, so I planned on catching up with my family and friends. On Tuesday, I took the time out to visit my friend, Jen, in Bolingbrook. Although I wished the weather cooperated a little more, it was the perfect day to visit the new library in her area.

The Fountaindale Public Library is a new addition to the Bolingbrook area and stands an amazing three stories tall. For a reading enthusiast like me, seeing large and modern libraries such as this one remind me how the interest of reading is still alive for many people.  The best part of this library, though, is the first floor because it is dedicated solely to children. As an English teacher, I am constantly trying to find new ways to encourage students to read and to further their learning and answer their own questions through their own research.  The Fountaindale Public Library shows its support for the youth by displaying the young readers section right on their first floor.

 The entrance to the children's area

Reading areas fully equipped with over-sized bean bags! Encouraging a relaxing environment for children.

Need to take a break from reading? Why not keep your brain going by playing on one of eight game boards.

I loved the creative touch to the decorations on this level - lots of visuals not just at a child's eye level, but also below and above it.

Inspiration and encouragement doesn't just come from the books.

Not only does this library showcase a great selection of books, audio books and other media for children of all ages, it also does the same for adults and students on the next two levels.  Fully equipped with computer labs on the first and second floors (including touch screen monitors for the children's library), this library definitely gives readers tons of options to choose from when looking for something to peruse. One last great plus about this library, as well as for other new libraries popping up in suburban areas surrounding Chicago, is their self check out computers found near every exit on every floor.  This is a great addition to all library systems, as it gives library goers the option of independence and also gives the librarians more time to assist others in finding and learning more about books.

I was definitely inspired on my trip to the Fountaindale Public Library and wished I could own a library card for this area so I could try out the self check out - not to mention, their access to electronic reader book rentals!  I hope the City of Chicago can take a leaf out of the new libraries springing up in the area, though I doubt a move to a more modernized feel for our libraries will happen any time soon.  Needless to say, we'd have to add libraries to the long list of things to fix!

Till the next adventure!

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